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Journal Profiling Part 2: Impact Metrics

This Python notebook shows how to use the Dimensions Analytics API to extract publications data for a specific journal, as well its authors and affiliations.

This tutorial is the second of a series that uses the data extracted in order to generate a ‘journal profile’ report. See the API Lab homepage for the other tutorials in this series.

In this notebook we are going to:

  • Load the researchers data previously extracted

  • Enrich it by building a dataset focusing on their impact in terms of no of papers, citations etc..

  • Visualize the results with plotly to have a quick overview of the results


This notebook assumes you have installed the Dimcli library and are familiar with the Getting Started tutorial.

!pip install dimcli plotly tqdm -U --quiet

import dimcli
from dimcli.utils import *
import os, sys, time, json
from tqdm.notebook import tqdm
import pandas as pd
import plotly.express as px
if not 'google.colab' in sys.modules:
  # make js dependecies local / needed by html exports
  from plotly.offline import init_notebook_mode

print("==\nLogging in..")
# https://digital-science.github.io/dimcli/getting-started.html#authentication
ENDPOINT = "https://app.dimensions.ai"
if 'google.colab' in sys.modules:
  import getpass
  KEY = getpass.getpass(prompt='API Key: ')
  dimcli.login(key=KEY, endpoint=ENDPOINT)
  KEY = ""
  dimcli.login(key=KEY, endpoint=ENDPOINT)
dsl = dimcli.Dsl()
Logging in..
Dimcli - Dimensions API Client (v0.7.4.2)
Connected to: https://app.dimensions.ai - DSL v1.27
Method: dsl.ini file
# create output data folder
FOLDER_NAME = "journal-profile-data"
if not(os.path.exists(FOLDER_NAME)):

def save(df,filename_dot_csv):
    df.to_csv(FOLDER_NAME+"/"+filename_dot_csv, index=False)

Measuring the Impact of Researchers within a Journal

Goal: from the list of authors and publications we previously extracted, we want to create a new dataset focused on researchers with the following information: * Number of papers * Citations median * Altmetric Attention Score median * Last publication year

This data will allow to determine the ‘impact’ of a researcher within the journal.

Load the publications and authors data previously saved

NOTE If you are using Google Colab or don’t have the data available, just do the following: 1. open up the ‘Files’ panel in Google Colab and create a new folder journal-profile-data 2. grab this file, unzip it, open the enclosed folder and upload the files called 1_publications.csv and 1_publications_authors.csv to Google Colab (‘Upload’ menu or also by dragging then inside the panel window) 3. move the files inside the journal-profile-data folder you just created

dfpubs = pd.read_csv(FOLDER_NAME+"/1_publications.csv")
authors = pd.read_csv(FOLDER_NAME+"/1_publications_authors.csv")
# replace empty values with 0 so to allow bulk calculations
dfpubs = dfpubs.fillna(0)
authors = authors.fillna(0)

Isolate the Researchers data (= authors with an ID)

researchers = authors.query("researcher_id!=0")
print("Researchers total:",  len(researchers))
Researchers total: 36138
first_name last_name corresponding orcid current_organization_id researcher_id affiliations pub_id
68 Valeriia Haberland 0 ['0000-0002-3874-0683'] grid.5337.2 ur.013006426255.03 [{'id': 'grid.5337.2', 'name': 'University of ... pub.1130642727
70 Venexia Walker 0 ['0000-0001-5064-446X'] grid.5337.2 ur.012371007265.42 [{'id': 'grid.5337.2', 'name': 'University of ... pub.1130642727
71 Philip C. Haycock 0 ['0000-0001-5001-3350'] grid.5337.2 ur.0774615111.82 [{'id': 'grid.5337.2', 'name': 'University of ... pub.1130642727
72 Mark R. Hurle 0 0 grid.418019.5 ur.07635505004.02 [{'id': 'grid.418019.5', 'name': 'GlaxoSmithKl... pub.1130642727
73 Alex Gutteridge 0 ['0000-0001-7515-634X'] grid.418236.a ur.0575726100.19 [{'id': 'grid.418236.a', 'name': 'GlaxoSmithKl... pub.1130642727
74 Pau Erola 0 ['0000-0003-4440-0068'] grid.5337.2 ur.0707141512.36 [{'id': 'grid.5337.2', 'name': 'University of ... pub.1130642727
79 James R. Staley 0 0 grid.5337.2 ur.01220463241.34 [{'id': 'grid.5337.2', 'name': 'University of ... pub.1130642727
80 Benjamin Elsworth 0 ['0000-0001-7328-4233'] grid.5337.2 ur.0761204563.29 [{'id': 'grid.5337.2', 'name': 'University of ... pub.1130642727
81 Stephen Burgess 0 ['0000-0001-5365-8760'] grid.5335.0 ur.01223207223.05 [{'id': 'grid.5335.0', 'name': 'University of ... pub.1130642727
82 Benjamin B. Sun 0 0 grid.5335.0 ur.07654011070.76 [{'id': 'grid.5335.0', 'name': 'University of ... pub.1130642727

Enrich the data with Impact Statistics

First, let’s pivot on the researcher ID field to eliminate duplicates and count them

researchers_impact = researchers[['researcher_id', 'pub_id']].groupby('researcher_id', as_index=False).count().sort_values(by=['pub_id'], ascending=False).reset_index(drop=True)
researchers_impact.rename(columns={"pub_id": "pubs"}, inplace=True)
researcher_id pubs
0 ur.0723426172.10 63
1 ur.01277776417.51 45
2 ur.0641525362.39 35
3 ur.01247426430.47 33
4 ur.01317433110.75 33
5 ur.01313145634.66 32
6 ur.01264737414.70 31
7 ur.014377465057.81 30
8 ur.0637651205.48 29
9 ur.01174076626.46 28

Second, for each researcher ID we can query all of his/her publications so to calculate the following metrics:

  • citations median

  • altmetric median

  • last publication year

Also, we add a new field with the Dimensions URL of the researcher, as it can be handy later on to open up its profile page online.


def get_name_surname(researcher_id):
    >>> get_name_surname("ur.0723426172.10")
    'Kari Stefansson'
    q = "researcher_id=='%s'" % researcher_id
    x = researchers.query(q)['first_name'].value_counts().idxmax()
    y = researchers.query(q)['last_name'].value_counts().idxmax()
    return f"{x} {y}"

# def dimensions_url(researcher_id):
#     return f"https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication?and_facet_researcher={researcher_id}"

fullnames, citations, altmetric, last_year, urls = [], [], [], [], []

for i, row in tqdm(researchers_impact.iterrows(), total=researchers_impact.shape[0]):
    q = "researcher_id=='%s'" % row['researcher_id']
    pub_ids = list(researchers.query(q)['pub_id'])

researchers_impact['full_name'] = fullnames
researchers_impact['citations_mean'] = citations
researchers_impact['altmetric_mean'] = altmetric
researchers_impact['last_pub_year'] = last_year
researchers_impact['url'] = urls
# finally..
print("Researchers total:",  len(researchers_impact))

Researchers total: 19565
researcher_id pubs full_name citations_mean altmetric_mean last_pub_year url
0 ur.0723426172.10 63 Kari Stefansson 129.555556 229.603175 2020 https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication...
1 ur.01277776417.51 45 Unnur Thorsteinsdottir 93.088889 160.622222 2019 https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication...
2 ur.0641525362.39 35 Gonçalo R Abecasis 134.257143 138.514286 2020 https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication...
3 ur.01247426430.47 33 Gudmar Thorleifsson 94.121212 171.878788 2019 https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication...
4 ur.01317433110.75 33 Caroline Hayward 157.333333 296.212121 2020 https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication...
5 ur.01313145634.66 32 Andres Metspalu 202.000000 369.281250 2019 https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication...
6 ur.01264737414.70 31 Tõnu Esko 177.000000 384.548387 2020 https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication...
7 ur.014377465057.81 30 Benjamin M. Neale 271.900000 169.233333 2020 https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication...
8 ur.0637651205.48 29 Daniel F Gudbjartsson 85.448276 149.689655 2019 https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication...
9 ur.01174076626.46 28 André G. Uitterlinden 117.107143 298.535714 2019 https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication...

Save the data

save(researchers_impact, "2_researchers_impact_metrics.csv")

Couple of Dataviz

top100 = researchers_impact[:100]
           x="full_name", y="pubs",
           hover_data=['citations_mean', 'altmetric_mean'],
           title="Researchers Impact - top 100")
           x="citations_mean", y="altmetric_mean",
           hover_data=['pubs', 'citations_mean', 'altmetric_mean'],
           title="Researchers Impact (citations vs pubs)")
           x="citations_mean", y="altmetric_mean",
           hover_data=['pubs', 'citations_mean', 'altmetric_mean'],
           title="Researchers Impact (citations vs pubs) by last publication year")


The Dimensions Analytics API allows to carry out sophisticated research data analytics tasks like the ones described on this website. Check out also the associated Github repository for examples, the source code of these tutorials and much more.